Let your students speak foreign languages like native speakers

Bright students make schools special

2Bfluent assists your foreign language teacher in developing your students' speaking skills

Practice with native teachers
We connect students with qualified native teachers online to improve their speaking and listening skills.
Content-based solution
To avoid basic & repetitive conversations, we prepare a set of questions, facts, role-plays, and debates for each of our subjects.
Students may have different speaking levels. Our solution is level adaptable to keep our sessions fun and a bit challenging.
Custom solution for your schools
We can create custom content for your schools as per your requirements.

Why 2Bfluent?

We all know the basics; this doesn't improve our speaking. 2Bfluent brings in each session new, exciting & sometimes challenging conversations to significantly improve your students' speaking skills.

Beyond fluency

Our mission is self confidence

Speaking foreign languages with confidence is important, but the overall self confidence is a lot more important.

Our content-based solution enables us to gradually build the students' self confidence.

This is possible by matching students with different teachers throughout their learning journey.

student and teachers

How it works?

As a school representative or as a language teacher at the school, you only need to ask your students to take the sessions and to monitor their activity from your dashboard

A homework
The first option is to give your students homework to practice speaking once a week.
Extra-curricular activity
The second option is to add Practice Speaking to your extra-curricular activities.

What students have to do?

Schedule a session
Students can schedule sessions anytime that works best for them
Learn new words
Once a student books a session, he/she will receive a short list of vocabulary to prepare prior to their session
Start the session
Our teachers will conduct the scheduled sessions as per the selected subjects and defined levels

Get in touch

Our team is happy to provide you with a custom solution that meets all your needs. Just send an email to admin@2bfluent.com , and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.