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Why 2Bfluent?

We all know the basics; this doesn't improve our speaking. 2Bfluent brings in each session new, exciting & sometimes challenging conversations to significantly improve your speaking skills.

Do you want to speak German with confidence?

We have partnered with Goethe-Institut to offer you a great solution to master speaking German

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Rich conversations Exclusive 80
Expert-prepared topics for fun & exciting conversations.
30-minute sessions Audio or Video 40
Select your subject, choose from audio and video calls, and start practising.
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Budget-friendly prices. Pay a fixed price per package. Plant a tree for every 10 sessions you take.
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Frequently asked questions

I have zero knowledge of foreign languages. Can I learn to speak a new language on 2Bfluent?

We have five different levels - from beginner to advanced - to cover most of your needs. However, you are expected to speak at least a little bit to be able to use 2Bfluent.

I am a shy person so I'm afraid that I would not be able to make a full 30-minute conversation with someone. How can 2Bfluent help with this?

Our high quality, prepared topics will make sure that you have plenty to talk about. Select your favourite subjects and the native speakers will only talk to you about those based on your current level of speaking.

My schedule is a bit unpredictable. Do I have to adjust to the native's schedule?

Our natives are available most of the time. If you log in and you don't find anyone online, 2Bfluent will inform you about what to do.

What's the difference between the audio and the video call?

There is no difference between the audio and the video. Both are of equal value. Our content ensures the highest learning outcome regardless of the call type.

What can I do if I don't understand what the native speaker is saying?

You have "In Chat Translation" that helps you translate from your native language to the language you are practicing. Also, the natives can send you new words whenever you get stuck.

Words from our happy learners

It was fascinating. The native speakers were awesome. I have to say that I am incredibly excited and motivated. Our discussion reinforced my motivation to continue improving my speaking skills.
English learner from Egypt
I wanted to attend one of the elite universities to continue my higher education and so I needed a high IELTS score. 2Bfluent was key to making this possible. Each session is valuable and the confidence you get is amazing.
English learner from Spain
I have tried different language apps but 2Bfluent is by far my favourite. You don’t have to worry if you're a shy person like I am. The natives are so well prepared. They make sure you have plenty of things to talk about!
English learner from Italy

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  • Italian Language Italian
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